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‘In the End’ #ripChester Bennington


It’s nice to see all my 90’s peeps giving respect to one of the (if not the)best frontman in our era, truly in every chapter of once life you need to move forward but I find it hard to accept this, not even for me but for all of us.

For, a person who has grown listening to their songs from early 2000’s from the early hit album Hybrid Theory (2000), to Meteora (2003) and etc. And how many of my peers always like to scream all out as much as you do it easily on stage.

You will certainly be missed, though you have left us too soon.. you just happened to finish your latest album One More Light (2017) and it was done, I believe you made the album on purpose(if not) before your untimely death.

You were clearly still battling those demons after all these years, yet another proof that mental illness is still a demon and it targets no age, nor social demographic or any status of a person. I will never judge you because I don’t even know you personally, I only know you because of your fierceness and explosiveness on your songs.

No one will ever know how much you felt in that last moment, No one will ever understand why you did what you have to do… but as a fan of you for more than 15 years, I give my respect and thanks for the wonderful years and memories that you have given me through your songs, and no one will ever do it better.. not today or tomorrow and most certainly not in my lifetime.

Rest in peace my childhood legend.


When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me
And when you’re feeling empty
Keep me in your memory
Leave out all the rest

– Chester Bennington (1976-2017)





‘Game of Thrones’, S7: Episode 1 Review and my love for the whole series.

The premiere, first episode of the 7th season of one of the best and highly anticipated TV’ show of its time ‘Game of Thrones’, here is my first ever review. WARNING: SPOILERS INCLUDED

First view on Game of Thrones:

When I started watching GOT, on an honest point, I never really watched it since 2011 when it aired. People were like posting it a lot till 2014’s-2015’s when I don’t have a dang clue of what the hype is.

I started watching it at around late 2015’s and binge watched it till 2016 when season 6 just finished. I felt devastated for the fact that 6 seasons wasn’t enough to suffice my hunger and love for this series, it really is a story of its own and the good thing also is that it is my type of genre (Fantasy, Medieval) and they have Dragons! in it (who doesn’t like dragons?)

Anyway, I won’t be making a full review of the whole series(as that would take me forever) and I will focus on the current season at hand.


The Game of Thrones series always loved to tease its fans whenever a new Season will start, it will always show-off some previews that will show the setting and whats to come leaving the audience developing anxieties(jk).

I have always thought of Game of Thrones as a big imaginary ‘Cheeseboard’, and that every episode is a move of each faction and in every end of the season it will always give you a surprise.

Episode 1 titled, ‘Dragonstone’ fits the title and impression perfectly, I can say it’s also one of the best engaging season openers comparing to the previous ones that I remember, it is filled with some breathtaking scenes after scenes and it helped me recall everything that had happened without even looking back, the show already aired about days ago and it was all over the social media, I on the other hand always watch this type of things in HD to appreciate it more.

walder 1.png

The show started off with Arya Stark(disguised as Walder Frey) organizing a feast to tell the Freys of his supposed plans for the Winter, she eventually suggested a toast and poured wine to everyone, then when he was mentioning about the Murder of Rob, Rob’s wife, and her Mom, they were left speechless and flustered. When the poison kicks in they all eventually died while vomiting blood.

Bad-ass quote from Arya Stark: Leave one wolf alive…and the sheep are never safe.arya.png

Honestly, the first few minutes of the show left me completely dumbfounded, I could never stop having goose bumps after goose bumps every minute cos technically I missed the show and I missed every character and their unique personalities.


They held a court with the lords of the North. After the decision of Jon Snow ‘Lord of the North’ talked about everyone should work together as well as in fighting(male/female) in which some contest but that made the condescended Lyanna Mormont shoot back and told that every able body on Beard island will begin training immediately.

lyannaAnother bad-ass lady. (The young-ones are on a role!). Lyanna Mormont to Robett Glover: “I don’t plan on knitting on the fire while men fight for me” OVERKILL!!

That was the first issue, the second one was about the castles of the Umbers and Karstarks, it is one of the oldest noble families in the north, Sansa argues that it should be given to the loyalists of the Stark family. After all, both of this Houses joined with the Boltons, against the Starks and betraying their oaths. Jon, as the King, disagrees, and denies to punish the whole family as he mentioned: “the sins of their fathers is not the children’s sins to bear”. He demanded from the children who have inherited the will of their fathers to swear loyalty and wear the banner of House Stark and in which they thankfully accepted.

Sansa then told Jon with all sincerity that he is very good at ruling, but he needs to be Smarter than both Robb and her father if he were to survive as both of them were a very good man though made stupid mistakes.

lann.pngEuron Greyjoy meeting up with the Lannisters at King’s Landing

Meanwhile, in the South, House Lannister now ruled by Cersei and met with Jaime now his Commander finally caught up, and really they have tons of catching up to do. All their children are dead. And that they are the only Lannisters that are left or ‘that matters’.

Both siblings agree, that they are already surrounded by enemies in all directions. To the North, you have the Starks, To the East Daenerys and her armada is marching to land at Dragonstone, To the South, the ruling Highgarden and Sunspear are sworn enemies of House Lannister. This is not anymore a political matter but a personal one, strategy and diplomacy are just mere casualties of this terrible, bloody war.

Thus, they needed an ally, not just any ally but a strong one. At the previous picture you can see that they have summoned Euron Greyjoy from the Iron Islands with his Iron Fleet, he brings his claim to the Queen. But they never trust one another, Euron promised a “priceless gift” to bring to prove his sincerity thus he left leaving the Lannister no clue of what he meant.


We have seen many, many horrid things in this series but seeing Sam’s adventures as an intern at the Citadel this one win(hands down). Kidding, from cleaning the sick, emptying their bed pans and almost gagging every time he does his duties he also serves the Maesters as well in cleaning their bed pans and bowls for eating (looks identical) lmao! really disgusting and easily one of the funniest moments on this episode/series.

But Sam is sent here on a mission, as I can see he will play a huge role on this season as he is impatiently learning something that could help Jon and his war against the Night King. He tried and failed to sway the Grand Maester that he is serving thus instead decided to steal the keys to the restricted area wherein only Maesters are allowed to set foot.

After reading a few pages, he then stumbles on something important: Beneath the Dragonstone is a mountain of dragon glass, which is one of the materials other than the Valyrian steel that we know can kill a White Walker.


And Finally, last but definitely not the least we finally go to the place where the premiere was named for…

It is the arrival and homecoming of the Mother of Dragons(She’s so gorgy as always), the way they showed it was very dramatic and amazing, the cinematography were top notch and I was left astounded for the whole moment till the last as she mentioned the last phrases “Shall we begin?”.

Truly, it was a fascinating and awesome season opener, like really I felt like all the days I’ve waited for this has been reciprocated. Though I have been binge watching it for the past 6 seasons, I can now suffer the pain of waiting for it every week…

Somethings I’ve missed out:

  • Bran Stark together with Meera Reed is greeted at the Wall by the brothers of the Night’s Watch, who after asking some questions let them pass.
  • Clegane is with his new band of company the Lord of the Light fanatics finding a reason why he exists and gets a vision of the Night King walking on a mountain with thousands of his army.
  • Inside the Citadel’s hospital is Ser Jorah Mormont seeking his cure, I can never mistake the voice.
  • Clegane goes back to the house they met before at Season 4 with then Arya Stark, the same house that they stole the money and left the father and her daughter to die, felt guilt he buried them.
  • Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones (lmao!)


So yeah based on the whole review, I can say that this is going to be an amazing season, I don’t read any books and mostly on references on the internet. With regards to my predictions, I’m guessing that the offer of “Euron Greyjoy” would be something connected to Daenyry’s Dragon in some reference that I’ve read they have something called like an item that could control or tame a dragon.

If it certainly happened then definitely this war wouldn’t be one sided, I can see some strong factions teaming up with Daenarys but I am still waiting for the Twist. It’s either going to be with the nations or a 3 way battle with the Night King. Who knows! this is my thoughts and thank you for reading.

Stay tuned for the second episode.




The Low-carb diet, The most underrated diet of this time.

I bet you, you haven’t heard of this diet before… It has always been the common low-fat diet to lose weight with proper training and limiting your intake with rice and substituting it with brown rice or your bread with brown or whole wheat alternative.


What’s a Low-carb diet?

Low-carbohydrate diets or low-carb diets are dietary programs that restrict carbohydrate consumption, often for the treatment of obesity or diabetes.

Basically, a Low-carb diet consists of a dietary program that limits the intake of Carbohydrates to a range of 40 g – 100 g a day(depending) also known as the ketogenic diet. For example, 1 cup of white rice consists of 40g of Carbs. With this example, you have already passed the margin for the first meal and need to spend the rest of the day avoiding carbs.

The typical diet would be judging from the normal Carb/Protein/Fat Range % from 60/25/15 (High Carb or Normal Diet) to 10/15/75 (Ketogenic or Low Carb Diet)


Starting the Low-carb diet

When losing weight you need to consider that “Carbohydrates”  causes water retention and that your body is mostly by weight and for the adult male is approximately 60% water and the average adult female is approximately 50%. 

For starters, based on my experience the first few days of the diet is the hardest. As your body adapts to the changes you develop signs of induction such as a headache, nausea, upset stomach, etc. also known as the keto flu. 

Fortunately, it only lasted 4 days (2 of them were pretty bad) but then suddenly I woke up feeling much better, less hungry and my energy level was really high and consistent throughout the day!



In my past, as a health enthusiast and a gym freak(before), I have tried countless diets in the past, I can only say that this is the best diet for people who want to lose weight the fastest.

I can say that I have lost 5 kg in the first week, which left me shocked and made me extremely happy and motivated even though I felt like shit for the whole week especially when you’re Asian and you love your rice and stopped immediately so yeah it was a nightmare.

On a personal note:

I will be posting some of my transformation in the coming weeks as I have been on a diet for a month and have lost a total of 10kg, also just another addition a part of the success of my weight-loss regime was not only about the diet but with a mixed of Intermittent Fasting and a Good Training Program, so yeah I will be posting some of this type of kinds of stuff on my blog in the future.

So this is it, for now, leave a comment and some questions. Tell me what you think!






Anime Review: Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Episodes: 12
Aired: Apr 4, 2014 to Jun 20, 2014
Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School
And again another cheesy anime from Spring, like One Week Friends it is also a Slice of Life genre, but I pretty much love the comedy on this(yeah, seriously!!) with a slight high school romance though it is not that portrayed since it is a one-sided love in the latter part it progresses.

Anyway the ENGLISH title of the anime is “The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior” and as the title speaks it is about a House which is boarded by pretty much 5 weird characters/personalities eg.
(From Left to Right)
– The hostel manager, an elderly lady who cracks down one second, and “anything goes” the next (Not in the picture)
– The sadistic hottie, who wears an “I’m sweet” mask over her promiscuous true-self.
– The loosey-goosey slightly older hottie, with abandonment issues.
– The seemingly anti-social girl who is actually very shy around others.
– The borderline NEET, shut-in, bookworm hottie which the main lead has always liked.
– The older guy, masochistic/sadistic room-mate.(My fav. character)

To sum it up the only normal one around here is the Main character which is pretty much your average joe and gets into troubles with each of borders of the Complex.

TBH it is somewhat like Sakurasou Pet no Kanojo but in a different way and unique in its own.

I gave it an overall score of 8/10

Since I really had fun watching it! I would give it a higher score if they ended it at 24(like Golden Time) but still worth a try and I promise you, you’ll definitely ask for more episodes

Anime Review: Steins;Gate

Anime: Steins;Gate
Episodes: 24 + 1 OVA + 1 Movie
Studio: White Fox
Aired: Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Just finished an Amazing anime series called Steins;Gate.

I didn’t watch it on 2011 since I was being skeptical about the theme and concept, also the first 2 episodes were really slow and could be somewhat boring since there are terms which are very hard to understand(But I guess it was part of the overall story)

This short anime is the single best time travel story ever created. It has amazing characters and well thought out time travel mechanics. I really like it because of the similar concept of one of my favorite movie “The Butterfly Effect” but instead using a so called time machine.


It isn’t some crazy time travel story where they go to the future or the past as they please, it is all about some small scale time travel, where they only go back two days or so at a time. It emphasizes small actions and how they impact everything through the butterfly effect. It shows you how every action you take matters and can change the entire world.

This show is the perfect blend of comedy, sci-fi, thriller, tragedy, romance, drama, and mystery. Few shows/movies have caused me to live my life differently, and this is one of them. You will never forget the mad scientist Okabe and the other members of the Future Gadget Laboratory.


I give it an overall score of 9.5/10.0 

Watch it. El Psy Congroo~


Introduction to WordPress

So I just started yesterday and built my very own blog.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy since I don’t have any experience whatsoever in making this type of things, especially I don’t have any clue in Web related or any HTML, CSS, Languages etc. (though I am planning to learn in the future)

Thankfully, you have Google and Youtube teaching you this kind of things and I can say that it’s very nifty.

In the coming posts, I will be mostly blogging about the places that I live in currently(Dubai), my weight-loss regime that helped me lose 10 kg in a month(I know its crazy) while working out and doing fasting at the same time, my hobbies in gaming as well as watching anime’s(I’ll probably be back to editing once I get the hang of this) and maybe, maybe some stuff about my day-to-day happenings. I like food! also and cooking so you might expect something like that as well.

I’m working as a Marketing specialist for an exclusive Gents Lounge, I’m also fond of reading good books especially Business and Psychology, I love playing the piano and I hope to be better on it.. and I really like photography and videography!! Yeah, I know what you are thinking right now that I have a lot of things in my mind as well as hobbies or careers that I am looking to purse thus I made my title as a Jack of all Trades.

Anyway, all is good and I hope to meet a lot of awesome people in this community.

Best Regards,

Dale ❤



First Blog post..

Hello everyone! Obviously I don’t have that much followers for now to greet but anyway this is for future purposes xD.

My name is Dale and basically, I am starting my new Personal Blog.. (Yeeyyy!)


My goal for this blog is just to spread some information, tell everything about myself and all of the ideas that I know, at the same time improve my English because I’m not that proficient.

About me: Well, I’m a really a fun-loving guy.. very optimistic to say the least.. and I always tend to spread happiness around me.

I like playing computer(been doing that since I was 5), I love watching anime’s, doing multimedia stuffs, I learned how to play the piano by ear, and for now I am currently a gym enthusiast(been overweight for almost 6 years and trying to get back in shape).

I like photography, listening to music(even japanese ones), I love to travel and see some exciting destinations.. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan as it is the epitome of the Anime in which I have grown fond of.

I am currently working as a marketing guy and by doing this Personal Blog, I am looking to improve my communication skills.

Thank you for your time in reading my first(boring) post.. xD

Keep in touch!

Dale ❤