First Blog post..

Hello everyone! Obviously I don’t have that much followers for now to greet but anyway this is for future purposes xD.

My name is Dale and basically, I am starting my new Personal Blog.. (Yeeyyy!)


My goal for this blog is just to spread some information, tell everything about myself and all of the ideas that I know, at the same time improve my English because I’m not that proficient.

About me: Well, I’m a really a fun-loving guy.. very optimistic to say the least.. and I always tend to spread happiness around me.

I like playing computer(been doing that since I was 5), I love watching anime’s, doing multimedia stuffs, I learned how to play the piano by ear, and for now I am currently a gym enthusiast(been overweight for almost 6 years and trying to get back in shape).

I like photography, listening to music(even japanese ones), I love to travel and see some exciting destinations.. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Japan as it is the epitome of the Anime in which I have grown fond of.

I am currently working as a marketing guy and by doing this Personal Blog, I am looking to improve my communication skills.

Thank you for your time in reading my first(boring) post.. xD

Keep in touch!

Dale ❤




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