Day 9 – Best Anime Villain


What’s up guys, it’s another day for the 30-day anime challenge… Let’s move on to the next one,  ‘Who is your Best Anime Villain?’

When I read this question I already have my answer quite frankly, and with all the villains that I know through watching anime he is one of the evilest and also one of my favorite characters as a resemblance to Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass in the previous challenge about my favorite male character.

Without further ado…

here is my best Anime Villain…





Yeah, you were probably expecting it already…. It is Yagami Light from Death Note!.

As much as he is similarly talented and gifted as Lelouch he also has a huge ego to match with it. Through the entire show, Light is an especially interesting villain because he is also the main character of the series so to speak, everything centers on him and his possession of Ryuk’s Death Note (a Shinigami diary that kills whose name is written down, humans have certain stipulations to this effect) and his alias Kira.

He’s the type of guy who believes that the end does justify the means and sought to change the world in his own way with a noble goal but a questionable sense of morality, and as his story progresses he becomes a full on overlord of humanity.


Light is a fantastic character though he is technically a bad guy because that was the way the show was set up but you can’t help but be drawn into his ideals and philosophy, aside from the part that he really did wanted to be a godlike figure. Even when he was the bad guy you can still sympathize with him as a person who only wanted to make the world a better place as much as Lelouch so you can see the similarities between these two.

Though we wished that he would lose to his counterpart L, we still kind of root for him to come out of the story as the winner, I would refer to him as the Walter White of anime in the sense where he would consider himself a good guy even though the society does not believe so.

That is all for this day! Thank you for reading.





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