Day 16 – Anime with the Best Animation


What’s up guys, unfortunately, I missed posting yesterday due my busy schedule, heck I even missed going to the gym, but it’s all good now… so lets move on to Day 16 – Anime with the Best Animation…

One of the first anime movies that fascinated me was “Spirited Away” by the legend Hayao Miyazaki, growing up I have been a huge Miyazaki. Next, the movie that caught my eyes was “Paprika” judging by the timeline of this movie you never expect that the animation and art would be so well done.

To make it short, As technology improves, so does the quality of animated works, and it’s been interesting seeing the evolution of animation just in my lifetime. Okay but in all seriousness, this topic was a bit of a hard one to choose, mainly because I’ve seen quite a few shows and trying to remember the shows’ animation is rather difficult.

But alas there is only one and I am confident that this is really one of the best animation of all time…





For me, it’s definitely “Guilty Crown”

As one of the most visually-appealing series in anime, The character designs alone are worthy of mention, as every detail in each character is meticulously rendered and animated not to mention it has also one of the most amazing soundtracks in which I listen to up to the day.

The design is great, the mechas are detailed, the environment is even more detailed. and The special effects feel very integrated also, great camera work like literally, they all have the best platform to make a great anime but it all went down with a boring and cliche storyline.


Guilty Crown is the show I was most excited for and it has proven to be a great disappointment(to be honest). I know hardly anything is original but this feels like a poor man’s Code Geass as an opinion of a fan who really loved the series.

On a personal note. whether the animation and soundtrack are excellent it’s obvious really that that does not make an anime great but a total package of a good storyline and amazing characters. But still, if you guys are a fan of anime’s such as Code Geass would still definitely recommend it to try.




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