Tuski Ga Kirei

Anime Review – Tsuki ga Kirei

Episodes: 12
Studio: feel.
Aired: Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017
Genres: RomanceSchool
“The true substance of love lies in the act of howling words of love with the desperation of a man jumping into high seas.”
Now, this is definitely a change of pace that’s something out of the norm, in an Era of mostly Seinen, Shoujo, Action, Fantasy, etc that has more seasons and complex stories, then you have Tsuki ga Kirei a gem of its own, a show which spans from a normal 12 episode season, with a completely direct plot of School-Romance cliche, in fact, my opinion this makes it an exceptional anime due to its simplicity.


The story is about Kotarou(aspiring Writer) and Akane(Member of the Track Team). It is the start of a new school year, and their final year. At first, they don’t know each other, you might have nostalgic moments by watching this anime as it portrays a slice-of-life genre as well in which you can relate back in the days. Although, before there were no social media and only text messages that we used before, the social media app LINE(which is famous in Japan), is one of the modes of communication used in the whole series.
The show is like a time machine of your Adolescent, school days in which puppy-love and infatuation is a common thing. It is an anime about pure, innocent and slow-pacing love in which I’m sure everyone can relate. As they develop feelings for each other they tackle on the mischiefs and difficulties that go hand in hand, like Jealousy, Envy, the acceptance of the relationship by the entourage and the friends, and family, you know all the common love woes, school woes and how could they move forward once they graduate, what plans they would have, or would they be together? Who knows! (No Spoiler)
The secondary characters are not abused(lack of screen time) as normal romance genre would have, they make the show much more exciting, provides some laughter and gives off pressure to the main protagonists as they develop their interests and objectives. Matching the astounding storytelling, what makes the characters so rational is that they all have their own respective backgrounds, quirks and set of values.
I personally had a relaxing time watching this series, It was just too cute for me, I don’t want to make a deep review about this because as I’ve said the show is known for its Simplicity, It’s like you go on to a cinema and watch a movie but longer and at the end you feel happy and relieved.
If you are looking for a school-life romance with genuine relationships, I can definitely recommend this show for you not unless you prefer a school-life with more gags, laughs and eccentric characters, then this series is not for you.
I give it an overall score of 8/10.0