30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 16 – Anime with the Best Animation


What’s up guys, unfortunately, I missed posting yesterday due my busy schedule, heck I even missed going to the gym, but it’s all good now… so lets move on to Day 16 – Anime with the Best Animation…

One of the first anime movies that fascinated me was “Spirited Away” by the legend Hayao Miyazaki, growing up I have been a huge Miyazaki. Next, the movie that caught my eyes was “Paprika” judging by the timeline of this movie you never expect that the animation and art would be so well done.

To make it short, As technology improves, so does the quality of animated works, and it’s been interesting seeing the evolution of animation just in my lifetime. Okay but in all seriousness, this topic was a bit of a hard one to choose, mainly because I’ve seen quite a few shows and trying to remember the shows’ animation is rather difficult.

But alas there is only one and I am confident that this is really one of the best animation of all time…





For me, it’s definitely “Guilty Crown”

As one of the most visually-appealing series in anime, The character designs alone are worthy of mention, as every detail in each character is meticulously rendered and animated not to mention it has also one of the most amazing soundtracks in which I listen to up to the day.

The design is great, the mechas are detailed, the environment is even more detailed. and The special effects feel very integrated also, great camera work like literally, they all have the best platform to make a great anime but it all went down with a boring and cliche storyline.


Guilty Crown is the show I was most excited for and it has proven to be a great disappointment(to be honest). I know hardly anything is original but this feels like a poor man’s Code Geass as an opinion of a fan who really loved the series.

On a personal note. whether the animation and soundtrack are excellent it’s obvious really that that does not make an anime great but a total package of a good storyline and amazing characters. But still, if you guys are a fan of anime’s such as Code Geass would still definitely recommend it to try.




Day 15 – Favorite Animal Sidekick


Moving on to Day-15, Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summoning from any anime…

Pretty straightforward, not too complex and I can only remember a few who really left a mark on me.




giphy.gifSadaharu from Gintama

Who would ever forget this crazy, head-biting, and lazy Inugami(Dog God) and also Anime Mascot of the show? He was left in the custody of the Yorozuya by the 2 Miko sisters(i honestly forgot their name as it was in the early episodes).

In the group, only Kagura is the abled one to control him(due to her immense strength), though he would chomp her head as well occasionally. Gin-chan usually takes Sadaharu for walks, and the two learned to like each other.

Through the span of the series, when we first saw Sadaharu as somewhat dangerous and uncontrollable, but then as the series progress, we saw how he had helped the main characters in many occasions thus becoming quite tame, comfortable and as a part of the gang.

That is all for now. xiao~



Day 14 – Anime that never gets old…


What’s up guys! so basically the friggin title is too long than necessary. Let’s get down to the point, What’s the anime that you watched that never gets old…

In the years, I am not really much of a fan of rewatching anime’s that I’ve finished, although in some instances I tend to watch only episodes that I feel like re-watching again.

The question also asks which anime could stand the test of time(never gets old through the years).

So yeah, here is my pick for Anime that never gets old no matter how many times I’ve rewatched it.





One of the best sports anime that I watched and up until this day, the one and only Slam Dunk.

I grew up to Anime’s like Dragon Ball Z, Ghost Fighter, Flame of Recca, and much more.

No one really comes close to this anime, the anime that should have been an epic one if not the untimely death of the author.

The characters are very likable and this is what makes this anime great, you just have to love every character and their crazy antics. I enjoyed seeing them improve as the series goes on and the specific friendships/ rivalries they develop. The buildup of the show was actually perfect and moving forward to their next big challenge, the Interhigh(which was cut short)


Overall though, Slam Dunk is amazing, no matter if you’re watching it back in the 90s or right now. The art style might be a bit rusty but the amazing story and characters definitely make up for it. And if the thought of watching a sports anime turns you off, then watch it for the comedy, I’m sure you’d enjoy it anyways.

Slam Dunk is probably one of the most beautiful sports anime I have ever come a crossed. It is one of those animes that will forever be memorable once you have watched it and wouldn’t mind rewatching it over and over again.

Day 13 – Anime Character That You Are Most Similar To


Day 13 – Anime character that you are most similar to…

Now, this is somewhat of a personal question, with many characters in mind I can only think of one which I can relate to in terms of similarity…

This is a pretty straightforward one, so no need for lengthy explanations…




Yeah, It will always be Sakata Gintoki (Gin-chan) from the infamous anime series Gintama.

Sakata Gintoki is the protagonist of the widely loved and sometimes hated(with a good reason of course) anime show. He is the founder of the Yorozuya (Odd jobs) that will do basically anything for money.

He is a jack-of-all-trades(master of none) as I would always refer to myself, he is also extremely lazy, and can be quite grumpy. He is often seen wearing an “extremely dumb” expression on his face, and spends most of his days lounging around reading Shounen Jump(oh this is a dream come true for me) whilst imparting wise and sage-like advice to his younger employees, even though he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about most of the time.


He is completely disorganized and is almost always behind on his rent payment, he blows all his savings on Pachinko and other gambling games, he loves drinking despite his intolerance with sake.

Though even he is this worst of a person(this is an exaggeration), Gintoki is quite dedicated to his jobs, and always does his best to help people with the most of his ability, he possesses an immense amount of charisma and has amassed a quite large group of friends. When it is needed, he is able to impart words of wisdom and can make those around him feel much more alive even with his inappropriate jokes and deadpan statements.

Long story short, Gintoki is well loved, hated and respected by his peers all at the same time, which makes him truly a wonderful character that I could relate to.

That is it for today, catch you guys tomorrow. ciao!~


Day 12 – Saddest Anime Scene


Good Day, Hope everyone is doing good. Day 12 coming your way with the question, What do you think is your Saddest Anime Scene?

A really tough question, I can remember a lot of things and anime. You would probably think of something from Clannad, Ace’s Death in One Piece, Many Death’s in Naruto Series, Your Lie in April, Gin-chan’s past in Gintama, really I can mention a lot more.

A sad scene could always be either of a death(mostly), a separation or a break-up, etc.

Though I tried to choose my top 10 and decided to choose only 1 from the group, I weighed in the thoughts and the impact it brought me, therefore I conclude that this is the saddest anime scene that I watched.





The Death of Maes Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

With all the scenes in my mind, nothing comes close to this one.

He wasn’t a badass character, nor even that skilled or special compared to other characters. You might ask why his death was so sad? It was sad because he never deserved it.

He is the only character that you want to come back to life and is such a supporting character with so much to him that you think that he will always be there until his unexpected death.

He is the type of character or person that you don’t realize how much he means to you until he dies, he is the kind that we want in our lives – a kind, supporting, and lovable character.


This changed/inspired the then Colonel Roy Mustang(his close friend since their shared days at the military academy) who overcome with grief and rage to the point that he becomes scarily obsessed with avenging the killer. And when Mustang said that it was going to rain today and the sun was out that made me cry even more.

Even though he(Maes Hughes) was always that annoying guy in the background, no reader could possibly wish ill to him. His love for his family, especially his daughter, reminds us of the great compassion and love found in the human race.

So yeah I’m trying to remember again about this scene and it changed my mood :/

Anyway, what do you guys think is your saddest anime scene and why?


Day 10 – Favorite Fighter Anime


Next up on our list, is What’s your Favorite Fighter Anime?

Now, this is a pretty straightforward and simple challenge. If we are pertaining to this challenge are we talking about a fighter as in Martial Arts or Grappling? or Action as a whole? well anyway, I grow up watching anime with the likes of Dragonball Z(Classic), Flame of Recca, Yuyu Hakusho(Ghost Fighter), etc.

Those were the best fighter anime’s in the 90’s, as time has passed we saw the dawn of the era of Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and for the new generations the likes of Akame Ga Kill, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, One Punch Man, Buko Hero Academia and many more.

If I were to choose from it all, then it has to be…




I know it’s not any of the anime mentioned above, but yeah this is also one of my best anime as well as the best in the action(fighting) genre, The infamous Vongola Family led by Tsuna in the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

I mentioned in a previous post that I binged watch this anime(they have a total of 9 season). Katekyo Hitman Reborn is about a 14-year-old boy named Tsunayoshi Sawada or Tsuna who is a regular school kid in Japan who actually sucks at almost everything that he does, he is then mentored by the Worlds Best Hitman named ‘Reborn’ who is a baby(pertaining to his size) to be the 10th Generation head of the most powerful Mafia Family in the world, the Vongola Family..

The show has a weak start probably around mostly on the first season but then it catches up and leaves you wanting for more, thus the reason of me binge watching the whole series in a span of I think 1 month.


I believe what separates Hitman Reborn and makes it special from other shows is its characters. The creators have done an excellent job in creating fresh, very unique and hilarious characters that will have you laughing at their antics in every episode, the amount of support and loyalty they give the protagonist is almost heartwarming.

Each character has something unique to them which stands out from the rest of the people Tsuna knows, whether it be a saying or a style, there aren’t any two characters who are similar really.

I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a long running shounen anime with some of the best action scenes without having to sift through 50+ episodes to reach the real plot. KHR is definitely an addictive anime worth watching as tested and proven by me of course 😉

Rating: 9.5/10

Well that is for this day, Catch you guys tomorrow!

Day 9 – Best Anime Villain


What’s up guys, it’s another day for the 30-day anime challenge… Let’s move on to the next one,  ‘Who is your Best Anime Villain?’

When I read this question I already have my answer quite frankly, and with all the villains that I know through watching anime he is one of the evilest and also one of my favorite characters as a resemblance to Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass in the previous challenge about my favorite male character.

Without further ado…

here is my best Anime Villain…





Yeah, you were probably expecting it already…. It is Yagami Light from Death Note!.

As much as he is similarly talented and gifted as Lelouch he also has a huge ego to match with it. Through the entire show, Light is an especially interesting villain because he is also the main character of the series so to speak, everything centers on him and his possession of Ryuk’s Death Note (a Shinigami diary that kills whose name is written down, humans have certain stipulations to this effect) and his alias Kira.

He’s the type of guy who believes that the end does justify the means and sought to change the world in his own way with a noble goal but a questionable sense of morality, and as his story progresses he becomes a full on overlord of humanity.


Light is a fantastic character though he is technically a bad guy because that was the way the show was set up but you can’t help but be drawn into his ideals and philosophy, aside from the part that he really did wanted to be a godlike figure. Even when he was the bad guy you can still sympathize with him as a person who only wanted to make the world a better place as much as Lelouch so you can see the similarities between these two.

Though we wished that he would lose to his counterpart L, we still kind of root for him to come out of the story as the winner, I would refer to him as the Walter White of anime in the sense where he would consider himself a good guy even though the society does not believe so.

That is all for this day! Thank you for reading.