Game of Thrones Season 7

‘Game of Thrones’, S7: Episode 1 Review and my love for the whole series.

The premiere, first episode of the 7th season of one of the best and highly anticipated TV’ show of its time ‘Game of Thrones’, here is my first ever review. WARNING: SPOILERS INCLUDED

First view on Game of Thrones:

When I started watching GOT, on an honest point, I never really watched it since 2011 when it aired. People were like posting it a lot till 2014’s-2015’s when I don’t have a dang clue of what the hype is.

I started watching it at around late 2015’s and binge watched it till 2016 when season 6 just finished. I felt devastated for the fact that 6 seasons wasn’t enough to suffice my hunger and love for this series, it really is a story of its own and the good thing also is that it is my type of genre (Fantasy, Medieval) and they have Dragons! in it (who doesn’t like dragons?)

Anyway, I won’t be making a full review of the whole series(as that would take me forever) and I will focus on the current season at hand.


The Game of Thrones series always loved to tease its fans whenever a new Season will start, it will always show-off some previews that will show the setting and whats to come leaving the audience developing anxieties(jk).

I have always thought of Game of Thrones as a big imaginary ‘Cheeseboard’, and that every episode is a move of each faction and in every end of the season it will always give you a surprise.

Episode 1 titled, ‘Dragonstone’ fits the title and impression perfectly, I can say it’s also one of the best engaging season openers comparing to the previous ones that I remember, it is filled with some breathtaking scenes after scenes and it helped me recall everything that had happened without even looking back, the show already aired about days ago and it was all over the social media, I on the other hand always watch this type of things in HD to appreciate it more.

walder 1.png

The show started off with Arya Stark(disguised as Walder Frey) organizing a feast to tell the Freys of his supposed plans for the Winter, she eventually suggested a toast and poured wine to everyone, then when he was mentioning about the Murder of Rob, Rob’s wife, and her Mom, they were left speechless and flustered. When the poison kicks in they all eventually died while vomiting blood.

Bad-ass quote from Arya Stark: Leave one wolf alive…and the sheep are never safe.arya.png

Honestly, the first few minutes of the show left me completely dumbfounded, I could never stop having goose bumps after goose bumps every minute cos technically I missed the show and I missed every character and their unique personalities.


They held a court with the lords of the North. After the decision of Jon Snow ‘Lord of the North’ talked about everyone should work together as well as in fighting(male/female) in which some contest but that made the condescended Lyanna Mormont shoot back and told that every able body on Beard island will begin training immediately.

lyannaAnother bad-ass lady. (The young-ones are on a role!). Lyanna Mormont to Robett Glover: “I don’t plan on knitting on the fire while men fight for me” OVERKILL!!

That was the first issue, the second one was about the castles of the Umbers and Karstarks, it is one of the oldest noble families in the north, Sansa argues that it should be given to the loyalists of the Stark family. After all, both of this Houses joined with the Boltons, against the Starks and betraying their oaths. Jon, as the King, disagrees, and denies to punish the whole family as he mentioned: “the sins of their fathers is not the children’s sins to bear”. He demanded from the children who have inherited the will of their fathers to swear loyalty and wear the banner of House Stark and in which they thankfully accepted.

Sansa then told Jon with all sincerity that he is very good at ruling, but he needs to be Smarter than both Robb and her father if he were to survive as both of them were a very good man though made stupid mistakes.

lann.pngEuron Greyjoy meeting up with the Lannisters at King’s Landing

Meanwhile, in the South, House Lannister now ruled by Cersei and met with Jaime now his Commander finally caught up, and really they have tons of catching up to do. All their children are dead. And that they are the only Lannisters that are left or ‘that matters’.

Both siblings agree, that they are already surrounded by enemies in all directions. To the North, you have the Starks, To the East Daenerys and her armada is marching to land at Dragonstone, To the South, the ruling Highgarden and Sunspear are sworn enemies of House Lannister. This is not anymore a political matter but a personal one, strategy and diplomacy are just mere casualties of this terrible, bloody war.

Thus, they needed an ally, not just any ally but a strong one. At the previous picture you can see that they have summoned Euron Greyjoy from the Iron Islands with his Iron Fleet, he brings his claim to the Queen. But they never trust one another, Euron promised a “priceless gift” to bring to prove his sincerity thus he left leaving the Lannister no clue of what he meant.


We have seen many, many horrid things in this series but seeing Sam’s adventures as an intern at the Citadel this one win(hands down). Kidding, from cleaning the sick, emptying their bed pans and almost gagging every time he does his duties he also serves the Maesters as well in cleaning their bed pans and bowls for eating (looks identical) lmao! really disgusting and easily one of the funniest moments on this episode/series.

But Sam is sent here on a mission, as I can see he will play a huge role on this season as he is impatiently learning something that could help Jon and his war against the Night King. He tried and failed to sway the Grand Maester that he is serving thus instead decided to steal the keys to the restricted area wherein only Maesters are allowed to set foot.

After reading a few pages, he then stumbles on something important: Beneath the Dragonstone is a mountain of dragon glass, which is one of the materials other than the Valyrian steel that we know can kill a White Walker.


And Finally, last but definitely not the least we finally go to the place where the premiere was named for…

It is the arrival and homecoming of the Mother of Dragons(She’s so gorgy as always), the way they showed it was very dramatic and amazing, the cinematography were top notch and I was left astounded for the whole moment till the last as she mentioned the last phrases “Shall we begin?”.

Truly, it was a fascinating and awesome season opener, like really I felt like all the days I’ve waited for this has been reciprocated. Though I have been binge watching it for the past 6 seasons, I can now suffer the pain of waiting for it every week…

Somethings I’ve missed out:

  • Bran Stark together with Meera Reed is greeted at the Wall by the brothers of the Night’s Watch, who after asking some questions let them pass.
  • Clegane is with his new band of company the Lord of the Light fanatics finding a reason why he exists and gets a vision of the Night King walking on a mountain with thousands of his army.
  • Inside the Citadel’s hospital is Ser Jorah Mormont seeking his cure, I can never mistake the voice.
  • Clegane goes back to the house they met before at Season 4 with then Arya Stark, the same house that they stole the money and left the father and her daughter to die, felt guilt he buried them.
  • Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones (lmao!)


So yeah based on the whole review, I can say that this is going to be an amazing season, I don’t read any books and mostly on references on the internet. With regards to my predictions, I’m guessing that the offer of “Euron Greyjoy” would be something connected to Daenyry’s Dragon in some reference that I’ve read they have something called like an item that could control or tame a dragon.

If it certainly happened then definitely this war wouldn’t be one sided, I can see some strong factions teaming up with Daenarys but I am still waiting for the Twist. It’s either going to be with the nations or a 3 way battle with the Night King. Who knows! this is my thoughts and thank you for reading.

Stay tuned for the second episode.