Day 3 – Favorite Male Anime Character


We move on to Day 3 with the theme of who is my Favorite Anime Male Character… Looks like I am getting the hang of this 30-day challenge :D.

It’s not hard to find a male character in anime that you wouldn’t find it fascinating on. And more often than not, they have several predictable traits: has a way with the ladies. Or he may not. Will fight for the girl he likes. Will be unusually patient with a girl. Acts cool and stuff like that.

People in choosing their favorite character would either be because how he is designed as a character, how strong he is(when first he was weak), how his story has shaped and inspired you, how smart or witty he is, and many other factors that correspond to your interest and liking.

I have some friends who like characters similar to their personality so I believe that people who choose their favorite anime character correspond to their ideal one or who would they want to be if they were an anime character.

So without further ado here is my pick on my Favorite Male Anime Character,





It is Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass … I would have chosen Gintoki but then I would be lying to myself.

The anime aired at 2006-2007, and it has been a whopping 10+ years ever since I watched it and I can say I still find Lelouch as the best male anime character in my books.

So, let’s talk about Lelouch and why is he my favorite anime character.


Lelouch is the protagonist of the Code Geass series. He is the child of the royal family that leads Britannia (a country about 1/3 of the whole world). Lelouch’s mother was murdered and his sister was left blind and crippled, he was sent to the nation of Japan as a hostage.  He ends up under the care of the leader of the nation, until him and his little sister can escape.

With everything that has happened in his life, seeing the corrupt and violent nature of the royal family, the death of his mother and the uncaring nature of anyone who he comes across, Lelouch feels that the world has betrayed him.  His little sister is the only person who matters to him, at first.  However, there is a burning hatred inside that demands that he get revenge against Britannia and destroy the entire nation.  Something that he is very much intending to do.

One day just when he was caught up in a battle and met C.C who had supernatural powers. He made a contract with her(due to the circumstances) and was given his amazing power, the Geass. With that, he can control anyone he is making eye contact with to do anything. And now his legend starts.


Lelouch does this through a masked persona called Zero.  He never shows his face to his allies, since he knows that they wouldn’t trust a Britannian.  And if they ever found out that he is a Britannian prince, they would likely kill him.  Thus, his masked campaign to bring down Britannia begins.

And that is basically the sum of who Lelouch is… if you have watched Death Note then you can have a similar reference to the show, the battle of wits and who kills who… But in this anime, it also involves the Mecha Genre which was cool if we compare it with the original Gundam.

Well, that is it for this challenge, hope you can check the Anime out and also let me know who is your favorite anime male character… till then!