Maes Hughes

Day 12 – Saddest Anime Scene


Good Day, Hope everyone is doing good. Day 12 coming your way with the question, What do you think is your Saddest Anime Scene?

A really tough question, I can remember a lot of things and anime. You would probably think of something from Clannad, Ace’s Death in One Piece, Many Death’s in Naruto Series, Your Lie in April, Gin-chan’s past in Gintama, really I can mention a lot more.

A sad scene could always be either of a death(mostly), a separation or a break-up, etc.

Though I tried to choose my top 10 and decided to choose only 1 from the group, I weighed in the thoughts and the impact it brought me, therefore I conclude that this is the saddest anime scene that I watched.





The Death of Maes Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

With all the scenes in my mind, nothing comes close to this one.

He wasn’t a badass character, nor even that skilled or special compared to other characters. You might ask why his death was so sad? It was sad because he never deserved it.

He is the only character that you want to come back to life and is such a supporting character with so much to him that you think that he will always be there until his unexpected death.

He is the type of character or person that you don’t realize how much he means to you until he dies, he is the kind that we want in our lives – a kind, supporting, and lovable character.


This changed/inspired the then Colonel Roy Mustang(his close friend since their shared days at the military academy) who overcome with grief and rage to the point that he becomes scarily obsessed with avenging the killer. And when Mustang said that it was going to rain today and the sun was out that made me cry even more.

Even though he(Maes Hughes) was always that annoying guy in the background, no reader could possibly wish ill to him. His love for his family, especially his daughter, reminds us of the great compassion and love found in the human race.

So yeah I’m trying to remember again about this scene and it changed my mood :/

Anyway, what do you guys think is your saddest anime scene and why?